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Schedule and Assignments
About presentations the rest of this week
About Class on Friday, May 3rd
Expectations for Assignment #6 (of the Research Project)
Expectations for Peer Review - Assignment #5
Website with MLA citation standards
Quiz on World War I and World War II
Reminder - Library Research Appointments
Research Project Requirements and Schedule for Remainder of the School Year
Quiz on Slavery and Colonialism
Research Paper Assignment, Part One
Take Home Quiz
Prompt for Take-Home Quiz
The Next Month and the Non-Western Nation Research Project
Questions students will likely ask on Monday about the project because they did not read the posts below
Class on Monday, February 4th and Guidelines for Country Projects
Capitalism v. Marxism Debate
The Upcoming Cycle
Reminder about Homework
Change in plans on upcoming quiz
Potential Short Answer Questions for Upcoming Quiz
Schedule for Monday, January 14th through Thursday, January 24th
Today in Class and Upcoming Homework
Three Things to Consider the Night Before the Semester Exam
Information about the Semester Exam
Part Two of Unit Test
Part Two of Unit Test
About Class on November 2nd
Schedule for the Upcoming Cycle
Film Clips on Plato and Aristotle
Change in Plans for Tuesday, October 16th
Reminder about Upcoming Quiz
Study Guide for Quiz #3
Schedule for Cycles Four and Five
Classroom Discussion #2 - The Age of Exploration
Schedule for Cycles #3 and #4 (into mid-September)
Schedule for Cycle #2
Unit One, Discussion #1 - Classroom Discussion Questions
Schedule and Assignments for the First Cycle